Registrations are now open for the TNOC Summit! CLICK HERE and you’ll go directly to the conference registration platform. There are variety of registration categories, at various price levels. There will also be some focused financial assistance—you’ll find some information about that at the link too.

One of the registration options is a Super Early Bird, that is available only in January, and to a limit of 100 seats. 

Some special events are field trips are also available for sign up. More options for field trips will appear soon, also.

The platform for sessions and short talk proposals previously opened at the TNOC Summit website, and will be open until 1 March. Have a look here, where you can also find the link to the proposal website.

Opportunities for sponsorship and programming partnerships exist, here. If you like to donate to the travel scholarship fund and help others attend, click here.


Join us in Paris, 4-7 June 2019.

About TNOC Summit logo

We are the nature of cities, and the word “of” modifies nature to mean the “character” of cities, which we view through a green and blue lens. Our Summit logo, designed by Frida Larios, conveys a sense of a human connection among us as we steward nature and community in cities. The circles depicted in the logo are shared seeds, or ideas, both dispersed and gathered. Similar drawings of hands are common in Mayan symbology, and can mean both to “throw or scatter” and “to receive.” And in many traditions, the open hand signifies greeting, welcome, and openness.