«The landscape belongs to the people and is built together with the people. We invite you to explore new ways of thinking and feeling the landscape from the perspective of transversality, complicity and diversity» – LALI


On behalf of the organizing team, formed by the Latin American Landscape Initiative LALI; the International Federation of Landscape Architects; Americas Region IFLA AR; Corporación Patrimonio y Paisaje CP&P (Heritage & Landscape ONG of Chile); the School of Landscape Architecture of the Central de Chile University UCEN and the Instituto Chileno de Arquitectos Paisajistas ICHAP (Chilean Institute of Landscape Architects), we are pleased to invite you to this international event, which will be held in Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and Santiago, Chile, from November 3 to 9, 2019.

Recognition of professionals, new paradigms and their multifunctional approach under the guiding principles of the dynamic cultivation of new ecologies, soil, air and water ecologies; of vegetation and wildlife; of equity and values; of recreation and human activity; financing and management; of renewable energy and education; and new forms of interaction between people, nature, values ​​and heritage over time.


The academy, institutions, civil society, unions and professionals of the Habitat; Landscape architects, urban planners, engineers, economists, architects, ecologists, public space professionals, heritage, etc.

Free registrations will be soon opened for all activities.

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¡¡¡We are looking forward to welcoming you!!