International Conference: Landscape Architecture in the C21st, an interdisciplinary perspective?

September 6th, 2018

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Landscape Structures the Environment:
The importance of landscape as an integrating concept has been recognized by the European Landscape Convention and the Latin American Landscape Initiative, but landscape is still poorly represented in policy and practice globally. This conference aims to highlight the potential role of landscape architecture in addressing global challenges in a Latin American context and identify the actions needed to develop this role.
Landscape as Response to Environmental Problems:
Due to its inherently interdisciplinary nature, landscape architecture has the capacity to lead sustainable development and to find solutions to global challenges such as climate change, as well as to innovate in landscape planning, design and management; however, these opportunities are not fully recognized by other design specialisms nor by the public and private sector. Latin America faces key challenges in making existing urban areas livable e.g. by providing access to fresh air, water and recreational opportunities for all, and in shaping future development to maximize quality of life for urban residents and safeguard key resources including biodiversity.
This will only be achieved by landscape thinking on multiple scales, through an interdisciplinary approach.

Neo Urbanism + Neo Landscaping

This conference aims to highlight the potential role of landscape architecture in addressing such challenges in a Latin American context and in identifying the actions needed to develop this role.
Key strands of thought and practice that the conference will explore are:

  • How to better position landscape thinking in policy and Landscape Architecture at the forefront of the planning and development of land in Latin America
  • How landscape architecture can better contribute to human health and well-being and tackle health inequalities
  • How ecological science can be integrated into landscape architecture philosophy and practice, to address climate change and its consequences
  • Landscape architecture as a response to social and cultural diversity as a means of achieving greater environmental justice
  • Designing new landscapes and existing ones for a multifunctional, multi-value future
  • The role of planting design in the creation of sustainable green infrastructure for the delivery of ecosystem services
  • Integrating management with design to achieve long term sustainable solutions; recognizing the limitations of design in landscapes based on process
  • How universities can link and mobilize different stakeholders in urban public spaces, in order to generate awareness of their potential contribution to public health and wellbeing and a commitment to promote health and wellbeing through landscape interventions.
  • How to attract the attention of businesses to contribute to research.
  • Exploring the possibility of an open dialogue between government, academy and NGOs to promote changes in the preservation of natural resources and in the improvement of quality life in cities.
  • Integrating landscape and lost ecosystem services

We hope for this conference to be the beginning of an ongoing programme and commitment towards building and exchanging knowledge on how to tackle the challenges we face, putting knowledge into practice and orienting ourselves towards continuing future meetings. This conference is an inter-university initiative (University of Sheffield and University of Buenos Aires) in coordination with CAAP (Argentinian Center for Landscape Architects, LALI (Latin-American Landscape Initiative) and IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects).
For a full conference programme, please click here. To register, please follow this link.
Best wishes,
Professor James Hitchmough
Department of Landscape,
University of Sheffield.
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