My dear Desiree
Queridísima Desi!

I applaud the publication of this delightful book of your four years journey.
It was a wonderful and great time bound of experiences, a sound path full of challenges and realizations.
What a joy to follow the consolidation of IFLA during your mandate… many thanks to you, to your Exco, and to all the people who help you in your undertaking.
Thank you for sharing with us the gift that you have worked firm to cultivate the global organization. I trust your book will soon be on the best seller list.

The IFLA Book 2010-2014, is a great work from your team, no doubt. Thank you all the people involved on this publication.

Martha Fajardo

LALI Coordinator

 The IFLA Book 2010-2014

This book has been prepared by IFLA’s Immediate Past President, Desiree Martinez, and contains a collection of articles written by the previous IFLA ExCo and everyone that actively contributed to the development of projects during that period, including the World Congresses.

On behalf of the current IFLA ExCo, we would like to express your sincere gratitude to everyone involved on this book and specially to Desiree for her hard work and energy committed to IFLA.

«In IFLA Americas, one of the most outstanding achievements was the launch of the LALI (The Latin American Landscape Initiative) in October 2012, in Medellín, Colombia. This is a pluralistic initiative that encourages communities to organize from the bottom up as a contribution to the “Global Landscape Convention” jointly promoted by IFLA, UNESCO and other NGOs».

pg 23, IFLA BOOK 2010-2014

→ Download here the «IFLA Book 2010-2014


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